After having been implemented at various clients, the SCOPE KYC Cloud Portal will now also be deployed at existing clients for other purposes. The basis remains the same, the application has changed.

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The portal will be deployed by the TU Delft educational institution, enabling potential students to request brochures, indicate their interest in programmes, and register for various events and information sessions. Students are automatically stored in the SCOPE CRM database, which results in considerable savings in terms of administrative burden. In addition, a personal profile is created, allowing for better and more targeted advice.

Data is retained in the portal to the extent possible, but will also be forwarded to SCOPE in the event of changes in e.g. personal data. When logging on to the portal, a call will be made to SCOPE to transfer the up-to-date information. Data is only retrieved from SCOPE by the portal, data is therefore not pushed from SCOPE to the portal.

In the Cloud Portal Framework you can request a complete overview of your clients, including complete profiles. You also have the option of exporting the profiles as a PDF file, and you can communicate with your clients within the portal using messages. In doing so, you will be communicating with your clients in a confidential and safe manner and will not have to send emails with attachments, which may end up in the wrong hands or in the SPAM folder. When the client logs on to his own profile, he receives a notification that there is a new message. He also receives a message in his regular mailbox with the notification that he/she has a new message.

It is also possible to make a quick selection within the portal and store selection filters, so you can use them again next time. The SCOPE Cloud Portal Framework has a number of unique features. To name just one: the portal was developed from the client self-service concept, in which clients keep their own data base. As a result, all parties involved are always kept up to date, and the correct information is stored in the correct manner. This is also important for compliance with the GDPR, of which transparency, integrity and confidentiality, limitation and correctness of data are important requirements.

The safety of the data stored in the SCOPE Cloud Portal Framework is key in the design of the solution. All aspects that are known to us have been incorporated. When using the SCOPE Cloud Portal Framework, clients can opt for a two-factor authentication that makes forcing passwords impossible. Moreover, the SCOPE Cloud Portal Framework is hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. The data of your clients will be stored in a partition of the SCOPE Cloud Portal Framework that has been screened off especially for you.

All in all, a lot of advantages for every company. Curious to know more about the possibilities of the SCOPE Cloud Portal Framework for your company? Contact your account manager!