Phone2day is an app that allows the user to import business phone calls he or she made on his or her mobile through the Android app of Windows 10 bluetooth app into the Company’s SCOPE CRM system. You don’t have to enter all the data manually and you’re sure that no phone call is forgotten. It can be done at any time; at any place as long as mobile data services are around.

Phone2day registrates the incoming phone calls from the last two weeks and creates a ‘call list’. The business calls can be forwarded to the company’s CRM system either manually or automatically.

When the user has a small number of incoming calls and he or she wants to enrich the call with information the manual import is what the user needs. The call list can be filtered on calls types like missed, incoming or outgoing. It is possible to manually delete calls from the call list.

When selecting a phone call from the call list an editing screen follows. It’s possible to:

  • view the linked contacts
  • add a comment, manually or with the integrated speech-recognition. This enables fast speech to text integration for an even faster import.
  • adjust the stored data when necessary

After the editing, the call can be forwarded to the CRM system. The call then is removed from the call list.

In the settings menu  it’s also possible to choose the option automatic import. The incoming calls are then automatically forwarded to the CRM package. When opening the app automatically it synchronizes.

The automatic import can be configured by applying a filter. There are two filters:

  1. Blacklist; every call is forwarded into the company’s CRM system except for contacts that are added to the blacklist
  2. Whitelist; this works the other way around, only phone calls from contacts that are on the whitelist are forwarded.
If you’re interested in using the app, please contact us!