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Emily Systems and SCOPE FinTech Solutions announce innovative collaboration

Samenwerking Emily

Emily Systems B.V., provider of a multidisciplinary administrative software solution for financial services companies, and SCOPE FinTech Solutions, experts in client research and risk assessment, today announced their intention to work together. This collaboration aims to provide financial institutions with an integrated solution for administrative organization and CDD compliance research.

Emily Systems

Since its inception, Emily Systems has established itself as the trusted system for banks, asset managers, depositaries, administrators, brokers, family offices, and (pension) fund managers. The Emily product suite is an on-premise software solution that integrates financial records with both investment records and, in part, participant records. Emily specializes in storing, processing, and reporting data for both mandatory regulatory reporting as well as management and signaling reports including transaction and cash flow monitoring. Emily is known as the perfect alternative for organizations that no longer want to delegate their critical business processes to external parties, whether for substantive or economic reasons.

SCOPE FinTech solutions

SCOPE FinTech Solutions is distinguished by its client-focused approach to conducting client investigations and risk assessments. With increasing regulations, including the Wwft and Sanctions Acts, it is essential for financial institutions to thoroughly screen before entering into business relationships. SCOPE helps clients not only comply with legal obligations but also avoid reputational and other potential problems by warning of relationships that may pose an increased risk.


Innovative collaboration

This collaboration between Emily and SCOPE promises to be a powerful combination that offers financial institutions a holistic approach to both administrative organization and CDD compliance. Clients can count on efficiency, security, and regulatory compliance, all within one integrated solution. "We are excited to partner with SCOPE FinTech Solutions," said Maryn de Waal, Director at Emily Systems. "Our combined expertise will allow us to serve our customers even better." "In a world where data management and compliance intersect, this partnership symbolizes a milestone. By combining the strengths of Emily Systems and SCOPE FinTech Solutions, we are creating a synergy that is both revolutionary and essential to the financial industry. We are excited about what we can achieve together and the value we can offer our customers,'' said Bas van der Veer, Sales Manager at SCOPE FinTech Solutions. The exact details of the partnership and planned product releases will be announced in the coming months.

Maryn De Waal

Maryn de Waal, Emily Systems

Bas Van Der Veer

Bas van der Veer, SCOPE FinTech Solutions

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Talitha Dirven
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