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Integrate directly into your own software

Make CDD even easier, integrate CDD controls directly into your own software environment. Or use one of our partners' solutions that already integrate CDD controls. The requirements from the Wwft and Sanctions Act can thus be easily and quickly met.

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How does it work?

Integration with SCOPE CDD is a relatively simple development effort that we can help you with. Your software sends a query (the name and possibly date of birth of a natural person or the name of a company) and then you are shown a list of all matches to your query. You choose the correct client and are shown details about the client in response. Optionally, you could also have the details revealed in a certified PDF report. The integration makes compliance checks a simple question-and-answer game.

For the UBO check this works practically the same; Search for a company name or a Chamber of Commerce number and as a result get insight into the structure of the company and the associated (possible) UBOs. Again, you can choose to have the details included in a certified PDF report.

Monitoring requires only that your clients keep the list of people and companies up-to-date, and that you handle the handling of any matches.

The API integration is this a simple link, which can be realized in a few days. We offer the following support, among others:

  • Free test accounts for the development process
  • Sample code for API integration
  • Support for embedding in your own software

Partners & Existing integrations

The SCOPE CDD API is consequently of interest to you if you, as a provider of a total third-party package, want to enrich your solution with Wwft/CDD/AML controls. Enrich your product offering with SCOPE CDD, so that together we can serve your customers even better. Use the links below to see the partners who have incorporated our SCOPE CDD solutions.


Yes-co has an automation system specifically for real estate agents and property managers. They have a unique concept: the automation system, with the quality of a full CRM system, can be purchased for free and then supplemented as desired with paid apps from the App Market.


Specialist in IT solutions for real estate. With real-time market insights and unique CRM solutions, we bring housing supply and demand together. Xitres is the new name of Nieuwbouw Nederland. In recent years we have greatly expanded our Real Estate IT services and organization. As a result, the old company name no longer covered the load.

Mijn kantoor

Mijn Kantoor provides a CRM and ERP cloud platform with an architecture designed to provide excellence to accounting firm clients. It links and integrates with accounting applications in the areas of administration, payroll processing, tax returns, or file. The CRM is integrated with client and team communication, client processes, tasks, and the online file.


Finact develops web-based financial and actuarial calculation modules and applications related to the pension and insurance field. Besides the software we exploit ourselves, we also develop financial and actuarial applications for third parties. Examples are web services, portals and planners that can be integrated in other websites.

Vidua vastgoed

Together with partners, Vidua Vastgoed develops products for brokers, mortgage advisors, lenders, and notaries within the real estate market. One product is Vidua Wonen's time-saving Wwft check for advisors to conduct the customer due diligence required by the Wwft.

WMS Technology

WMS Technology is a provider of a state-of-the-art Wealth & Asset Management platform, which allows wealth managers to easily manage their clients and assets and which is optimized for the lowest possible administrative burden. WMS Technology has integrated various CDD products from SCOPE FinTech Solutions into its platform, allowing users of the platform to perform CDD audits in a user-friendly and easy way.

Hyarchis Comply

Hyarchis Comply is an innovative IT service provider, helping accounting and administration firms to get a better grip on their work and/or risk processes. In close cooperation with clients and partners, the best IT services are delivered.

Eerlijk bieden

Eerlijk Bieden is a completely independent seal of approval for brokers that guarantees consumers a 100% fair bidding process. Thanks to the use of smart bidding software and audits, Honest Bidding contributes to a fair buying process!

KPN pim

A Personal Identity Manager, a digital vault, provides control and insight into online use of personal data. Such as age, last name, phone number and email address. There are many different situations where deploying a personal safe app is a smart choice for your customers. PiM can be used in many ways, both online and offline.

Curious about partnership opportunities?

Do you also want to integrate CDD checks into your software? 

Contact us and we will be happy to discuss the possibilities!

Emily it systems

Emily is a system used by financial institutions for data processing and reporting and provides an alternative to outsourcing critical processes.

Curious about partnership opportunities?

Do you also want to integrate CDD checks into your software? 

Contact us and we will be happy to discuss the possibilities!

All benefits at a glance
  • Reliable data from Acuris Risk Intelligence, case law registries and the Chamber of Commerce for the best possible end result.
  • The best record of the inspections carried out possibly in the form of a sealed and certified PDF report for your records, but also as proof for your supervisor.
  • Continuous monitoring of relationship. Individuals and/or companies can be added to a monitoring list. This saves a lot of time and keeps customer records up-to-date.
  • Save time with the UBO check. Once UBOs are identified, compliance checks for individuals and companies can be started immediately.
  • Low entry investment due to easy and fast integration. SCOPE CDD API neemt u veel programmeerwerk uit handen, zo dat u snel kunt starten.
  • Continuous development of the SCOPE CDD API. Both technology and laws and regulations are constantly evolving and changing, SCOPE FinTech moves with them.
Our Customers & Partners

Read previous experiences of our clients and partners here.

Hessel de Haan- NNEK
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"The SCOPE CDD platform can be quickly and properly integrated into our platform due to its extensive API, and SCOPE provides the necessary support and guidance for this."
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Veronique van Oosterom- Hendrix & Huybregts Makelaars
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"For some time we have been looking for an honest party that could help us check our customers according to the guidelines. After several negative experiences with pushy parties, we had given up hope until we came across CDD On Demand. In doing so, we found everything we needed. An easy working system, cheerful staff, promises kept and immediate help when needed. We are very satisfied and have saved a lot of time as a result. We recommend CDD On Demand to everyone!"
Steven Sarphatie- Wijs & Van Oostveen
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"By integrating with SCOPE CDD, Wijs & Van Oostveen saves on staffing and turnaround time of the CDD intake/review process and thus improves service to clients."
Schenk Makelaars 2
Bea Sas- Schenk Makelaars
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"We switched to CDD On Demand because the program is fast and, above all, user-friendly. It gives us, as a real estate expert, a quick and easy way to have our entire compliance file in order, in accordance with the latest laws and regulations. Also, if you have any questions about the results of a report, you are always helped quickly, kindly and expertly."

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Maak CDD nog makkelijker, integreer CDD-controles direct in uw eigen software omgeving. Of maak gebruik van een van de oplossingen van onze partners waar de CDD controles al in geïntegreerd zijn. Download hier de brochure.

brochure Compliance Management Portal

With our knowledge and data partners, we have developed the right tools for KYC departments to make your risk assessment process faster, more efficient, and more interesting for employees. Read the benefits in our brochure.