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Risk assessment on demand

As service providers, you need risk assessments of your clients under the Wwft and for performing work. Many times you do not have the right tools and the necessary knowledge and skills to perform them.  You want to do business securely by determining who you are doing business with. You also need to comply with the requirements of the Wwft.

Through the CDD web version it is possible to view CDD in your browser. This makes it easy and fast to meet the requirements from the Wwft and Sanctions Act.

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Risk assessment of your clients

We understand better than anyone that the Wwft gatekeeper function is seen as a distraction from the real work. Customer Due Diligence is a profession, we know that from experience. Together with our clients and partners, we have created a solution for you.   

Central to our solution is the client screening report in which all necessary compliance checks are performed. After entering a name, date of birth, and nationality, this report can be requested. The client screening report can also be provided with a risk assessment based on your own risk policy. Your own risk assessment determines whether you can do business responsibly with the relationship.    

If you would like to know more about Wwft compliant safe business, you can request a trial account.    

Establishing and implementing a risk policy with our solution leads to safer business and Wwft compliance. All in all, using our products reduces your risks of reputation and image damage and prevents fines from the financial authorities. 

This distracts from your daily activities, which is why you need help to comply with the Wwft. We are happy to help you so you can focus on your clients. Experience for yourself how much time you can save?

Then quickly request a trial account.   

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Client screening

Conducting a client screening will help you get to know your client better. Before executing a transaction or (intermediary) assignment, entering into a business agreement, or providing services to your client, you should screen your client. 

Here, for example, you must establish, verify, and record the identity of the client and/or UBO and verify whether the client is acting for himself or herself or for someone else and also be able to monitor this on an ongoing basis.  

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step 1

Enter your client's name, date of birth and country or company information.

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step 2

Start the online client screening.

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step 3

Receive a certified report with the results as proof of the survey conducted.

Our clients

Read previous experiences of our customers with SCOPE CDD On Demand here.

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Veronique van Oosterom- Hendrix & Huybregts Makelaars
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"For some time we have been looking for an honest party that could help us check our customers according to the guidelines. After several negative experiences with pushy parties, we had given up hope until we came across CDD On Demand. In doing so, we found everything we needed. An easy working system, cheerful staff, promises kept and immediate help when needed. We are very satisfied and have saved a lot of time as a result. We recommend CDD On Demand to everyone!"
Schenk Makelaars 2
Bea Sas- Schenk Makelaars
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"We switched to CDD On Demand because the program is fast and, above all, user-friendly. It gives us, as a real estate expert, a quick and easy way to have our entire compliance file in order, in accordance with the latest laws and regulations. Also, if you have any questions about the results of a report, you are always helped quickly, kindly and expertly."
Administratie Kantoor Mans
Winston Raghoebarsingh- Administratiekantoor Mans
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"With CDD On Demand, I can quickly audit multiple customers at once. This has saved me a lot of time. For the questions I had, customer service was readily available by phone and my questions were answered quickly. As an accounting firm, we have many types of clients, each with their own risk profiles. SCOPE gave me helpful tips on how often checks are needed and how to easily set them up in CDD On Demand, even allowing automatic periodic checks for different types of customer groups."
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Dennis de Haan- RE/MAX Uw Makelaar
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"In the context of the Wwft and client due diligence, I wanted a CDD solution. After testing a number of providers, we are now using the CDD On Demand tool from SCOPE FinTech Solutions. The tool works quickly, simply, and efficiently. The reporting the system generates is professional, clear, uncluttered, and meets the requirements for us as brokers. In addition, you are not stuck with contracts and it is an accessible way to generate the right information."
Bjorn RoobolIVV
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"IVV uses the CDD On Demand monitoring feature to monitor our clients on a daily basis. It's easy to use and keeps us compliant with ever-changing regulations."

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Maak CDD nog makkelijker, integreer CDD-controles direct in uw eigen software omgeving. Of maak gebruik van een van de oplossingen van onze partners waar de CDD controles al in geïntegreerd zijn. Download hier de brochure.

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With our knowledge and data partners, we have developed the right tools for KYC departments to make your risk assessment process faster, more efficient, and more interesting for employees. Read the benefits in our brochure.