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About us

At SCOPE FinTech Solutions we are all about helping our clients conduct client due diligence and risk assessment before entering into a business relationship with the intended client. This is not only a legal obligation under the Wwft and Sanctions Act, but can also prevent reputational and other problems by not entering into business relationships with parties that pose a heightened risk.

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Culture & mindset

SCOPE FinTech Solutions has the ambition to be one of the leading players in the Dutch and European markets in the field of Anti-Money Laundering software. Having ambition is nice, but realizing ambitions happens through people, and in the case of SCOPE we have a highly experienced and motivated team of people. SCOPE has an open culture in which employees get the space to develop themselves, of course in line with the strategy and goals of the company.

Our customers and partners are our main source of market information and everything revolves around delivering added value to these customers and partners in the form of our software and services. Co-creation and knowledge sharing are at the basis of the further development of our software products, of course in combination with our vision of the market and future of software.

Our Team

We help customers & partners and develop the software we do from our headquarters at Wijkermeerstraat in Hoofddorp.

Bas van der VeerSalesmanager
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"At SCOPE FinTech Solutions, we strive not just to close deals, but to build bridges between technology and real-world solutions. As a sales manager, my goal is not just to sell, but to forge partnerships that shape the future of CDD."
Sagar RohrbachBusiness Analist
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"There is a story in every analysis, and at SCOPE FinTech Solutions we discover and shape those stories to help companies realize their true potential. As a business analyst and implementation specialist, my goal is not just to understand numbers and facts, but to bring our clients' dreams and aspirations to life."
Eric PieterseDeveloper
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"At the core of every code lies a solution, a potential to transform the world. At SCOPE FinTech Solutions, we don't just build software; as developers, we lay the foundation for a more sustainable, smarter FinTech future."
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Fred van 't HoffCEO
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"At SCOPE FinTech Solutions, we don't just see the horizon of financial technology, we define it. As CEO, I witness the power of innovation and collaboration, where every step forward is a step closer to making the financial world more efficient, transparent, and inclusive."
Rick KauwenResearch Engineer
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"Every research project is a journey into the unknown, an opportunity to push boundaries and discover new horizons. At SCOPE FinTech Solutions, my aspiration as a research engineer is not just to discover technologies, but to pave paths for the next wave of financial innovation."
Talitha DirvenFinance & Operational Manager
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"Finance and operations are the beating heart of any business. At SCOPE FinTech Solutions, as Finance & Operations Manager, I strive to not only create balances in numbers but to bring harmony and vision to every business decision we make, building a stable bridge to the future of FinTech."
Ruby Hovenier
Ruby HovenierDigital Marketeer
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"In a digital world where everything is constantly changing, my mission at SCOPE FinTech Solutions is not just to follow the trends, but to shape them. As a Digital Marketer, I believe it is our responsibility to connect innovation with people and create a future where technology and humanity go hand in hand."

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Maak CDD nog makkelijker, integreer CDD-controles direct in uw eigen software omgeving. Of maak gebruik van een van de oplossingen van onze partners waar de CDD controles al in geïntegreerd zijn. Download hier de brochure.

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With our knowledge and data partners, we have developed the right tools for KYC departments to make your risk assessment process faster, more efficient, and more interesting for employees. Read the benefits in our brochure.