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As an AML gatekeeper, you must create and verifiably implement risk policies. To create and implement these policies, you need tools and manpower. Without the right tools, the gatekeeper function is a labor-intensive and frustrating process, especially for employees.  

The alternative, no risk policy, is even worse namely doing business with risky customers and risking a fine from the financial authority with the associated reputational damage.

With our knowledge and data partners, we have developed the right tools for KYC departments to make your risk assessment process faster, more efficient, and more interesting for employees. The benefits of using the SCOPE Compliance Management Portal are limited risk exposure, an efficient cost-effective process, and employees, who engage with real risk customers. 


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How does it work?

After creating the risk policy, translating it into an algorithm and gathering the necessary data, client research can begin. This can be done largely without human intervention.  

A digitally certified risk report of each client is produced for your records, and clients requiring further investigation (medium or high risk) are taken to be reviewed by your staff. In this way, you have a decision based on your risk policy about who you do business with. 

You operate AML-compliant and perform the gatekeeper function in the best possible way. You do business safely and minimize risk. You avoid potential reputation and image damage and contribute to making the world a better place.

The benefits of deploying the SCOPE Compliance Management Portal (CMP). The SCOPE CMP:

  • Makes the implementation of the CDD process faster, saves time and money, and prevents errors. 
  • Improves the quality of risk assessment through clarity and uniformity.
  • Makes the work of CDD analysts more interesting through focused efforts on risk classifications.
  • Is developed to market needs and legislative requirements; flexible in design and quickly productive in a secure Microsoft Azure Cloud environment.

The risk assessment algorithm

The foundation of the SCOPE CMP is the definition and application of a risk assessment algorithm designed by your company. The risk assessment algorithm is the digital translation of your company's risk assessment policy. Setting up your risk assessment algorithm is part of the SCOPE CMP implementation.

The risk assessment policy determines which customer information is necessary for a risk assessment. Furthermore, the customer information and risk assessment is completed by performing a number of standard background checks.

Efficiency comes from the automation of the CDD process and the ability to quickly batch process large numbers of client files.

As part of your own services

SCOPE FinTech Solutions likes to enter into partnerships. This for example with KYC/CDD service providers who want technological support to be part of their proposition. 

Our pricing model is focused on collaboration and offers the opportunity to purchase services and underlying data inexpensively from SCOPE FinTech Solutions. We are happy to engage with you to explore the possibilities!  The benefits are:

  • For CDD service providers: serving all your customers securely from one platform
  • Speed and efficiency through batch processing
  • Reports as an insurance policy
Our Customers & Partners

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Mark van Wijk- BlueMonks
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"Our goal has always been to provide our clients with the best possible service when it comes to managing their compliance activities. By partnering with SCOPE FinTech Solutions, we can now offer an even more complete suite of services that not only meets but exceeds regulatory expectations."
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Tom Kastelein- Delta Capita
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Delta Capita is an independent boutique consulting firm specializing in providing Business and Technology consulting services within the financial sector. Clients include banks, insurers, pension funds, and asset managers. Delta Capita's services focus on various areas of interest including expertise in Payments Transformation, Finance & Control, Digital Transformation, Data Management, Financial Markets, Business Transformation, Regulation, and Insurance Transformation.

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With our knowledge and data partners, we have developed the right tools for KYC departments to make your risk assessment process faster, more efficient, and more interesting for employees. Read the benefits in our brochure.