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Perform Wwft audits easily and inexpensively? Now also in the Mijn Kantoor App

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SCOPE FinTech Solutions, experts in client investigations and risk assessments and at home in the world of financial and legal services, has partnered with Mijn Kantoor, the online collaboration platform for accountants. This collaboration is aimed at enabling users of the Mijn Kantoor app to quickly and easily perform Wwft audits. 

SCOPE FinTech Solutions features comprehensive and traceable CDD verification. Data is automatically retrieved from various sources about the person or company entered. After a quick implementation, Mijn Kantoor App users can now also use the functionalities of CDD On Demand. They can perform compliance checks directly from the Mijn Kantoor App and store this information with their clients. The results are very comprehensive and the outcome of a check is a certified report with all the information.  

Mijn Kantoor App is built by accountants for accountants. The platform secures compliance with respect to the Wwft, client acceptance, NV COS and AVG. Thanks to the partnership with SCOPE FinTech Solutions, not only are the latest requirements of the Wwft met, but Wwft processes can now be executed a lot faster.

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Why SCOPE FinTech Solutions?

Mijn Kantoor chose to integrate with SCOPE FinTech Solutions' CDD On Demand solution because of its extensive linking capabilities with its user-friendly API. In addition, SCOPE FinTech Solutions continues to continuously improve the products making it compliant with the latest requirements of the Wwft.

The reason that Mijn Kantoor chose to integrate the CDD On Demand solution of SCOPE FinTech Solutions lies in the combination of the quality of the product and the extensive possibilities and user-friendliness of the API. SCOPE also offers very good support and guidance during the integration process and the CDD On Demand platform is constantly improved, expanded and adapted to the latest requirements of the Wwft, so that we will always be provided with an adequate solution, also in the future.

Mijn Kantoor secure platform

Accountants choose Mijn Kantoor because it meets the NBA's requirements for compliance with the AVG, Wwft, and professional rules. Using Mijn Kantoor eliminates email and mail so there is much less chance of a data breach. In addition, clients can upload documents directly into the accountant's file (no intermediate storage) and there is a full audit trail per file by linking to the work process. Communication is encrypted and stored on a server in Frankfurt, Germany. Finally, there is optimal access and data security according to the latest standards of technology.

Mijn Kantoor offers a powerful CRM, linked to files and communication, fully AVG-proof for accountants. Among other things, it is possible to automate standard work processes in workflows. This secures the quality of work because all activities are linked to the file, the CRM, and client communication. The workflow provides important management information about the lead time, progress, and status of products. In addition, files can be easily accessed from one place.

SCOPE FinTech Solutions wishes Mijn Kantoor customers much success in using the software!

Also curious about how your software can integrate with CDD On Demand? Contact us today at 06-11400519 (Bas van der Veer)!

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