The SCOPE KYC Cloud Portal now integrates with PlanPlus’s FinaMetrica Risk Profiling solution for determining the subjective risk apatite based on scientific research.

portret photo of shawn brayman

Portret of Shawn Brayman the CEO of PlanPlus Global

SCOPE marketing technology b.v. announces that SCOPE has integrated the FinaMetrica risk apatite test and has integrated the on miPlanPlus based risk profiler in the new SCOPE KYC Cloud Portal.

“SCOPE marketing technology, a CRM software developer for over thirty years in The Netherlands, is now compliant with all the new European Know Your Customer requirements which have become affective in January 2018.” Says Shawn Brayman, CEO of PlanPlus Global. “We are very excited to have integrated their platform with our multi-jurisdictional risk profiling and assessment solution.”

“We are experts in collecting client information and analysing this data given our CRM past. We acknowledge that we don’t have the knowledge to build an psychometric risk apatite test, so we chose the best to work with.”, says Fred A.J. van ’t Hoff, CEO van SCOPE marketing technology b.v.

After proper research we determined that FinaMetrica, a division of PlanPlus Global, has a scientifically substantiated solution for determining risk apatite of a client. In our opinion this is the best solution available. By integrating FinaMetrica’s list of questions and algorithms in the SCOPE KYC Cloud Portal, we have a best-in-class solution for the European market. The ability of FinaMetrica to be configured efficiently for different nations and in different languages was crucial for a succesfull implementation.


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If you would like to know more about our SCOPE KYC Cloud Portal or the integration with FinaMetrica and PlanPlus Global, please contact us! Call us on +31 (0) 23 517 9200 or fill in the contact form.


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