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Successful pre-release event of the SCOPE Compliance Management Portal with live demonstration!

Bas van der Veer presenteert tijdens de lancering van het SCOPE Compliance Management Portal

September has arrived and this means that technology companies are publishing the latest updates and innovations. SCOPE FinTech Solutions is no exception. On Sept. 21, we hosted a pre-release event of the SCOPE Compliance Management Portal. If you are interested in Asset Management, Know Your Customer, Customer Due Diligence, and Anti-Money Laundering, keep reading!

The event began at 1:30 p.m. at the Amstel Boathouse, in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. We proudly presented the SCOPE Compliance Management Portal, a powerful tool that helps companies be more effective in conducting compliance audits and UBO audits.

The benefits of SCOPE Compliance Management Portal

Bas van der Veer, Sales Manager at SCOPE FinTech Solutions gave a great product explanation. A manual risk assessment is very time-consuming for companies, which is why we offer a solution where you can get a risk assessment within seconds. Want to know all the benefits this portal can bring to your organization?

Background check in seconds

Automatic Background check for natural persons. Seven categories are checked within seconds, without the need to check all databases. The following are checked:

  1. Active and historic sanctions.
  2. Law enforcement agencies.
  3. Politically Exposed Persons (PEP).
  4. Negative media.
  5. Financial regulators.
  6. Insolvency notifications.
  7. Disqualified director.


If the client is a business entity, the ultimate beneficial owner (UBO) of a transaction or relationship must be identified and then verified. The UBO investigation is based on information from the Chamber of Commerce Trade Register, as described by the AFM. It helps you conduct the UBO investigation efficiently and immediately perform compliance checks for the natural person(s) found, the UBO(s), and the underlying organizations.

Conducting risk assessment clients

Your compliance policy is translated into a risk assessment algorithm in our software. This is designed to be flexible and user-friendly. Once the algorithm is configured, large numbers of clients and the associated data can be quickly and easily imported and automatically run through a background check and additional risk assessment with the end result being a risk conclusion and certified pdf document as evidence.

Demonstrate Compliance Management Portal

All participants were shown a live demonstration of the SCOPE Compliance Management Portal by Koen van Haasteren, Business Analyst at SCOPE FinTech Solutions. A detailed explanation was given on how to convert manual work to machine hours making risk assessments complete in seconds.

Happy customers

We can safely say that our customers are satisfied with the solution. Not only efficiency and time savings for the organization, which of course translates into cost savings but also compliance checks are more traceable. The testimony of two of our customers, William van der Maas of IVV Institute for Wealth Building and Adrian Becker of DJE Kapital AG told the attendees about how they have set up the processes and what benefits this provides for them.

In addition, the event was an excellent opportunity to meet real-life industry professionals involved in asset management, Know Your Customer, Customer Due Diligence, and Anti-Money Laundering.

In short, a successful networking experience!

There will be an online version of the event in the coming months, and to inform you about all SCOPE updates in a live event. A great time to raise any questions or doubts on your part.

Better be safe than sorry!

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Talitha Dirven
Ik ben Talitha Dirven en werkzaam als Finance & Operations Manager bij SCOPE FinTech Solutions. Ik schrijf veel content over de voordelen van onze software en op welke manier klanten het in de praktijk het beste kunnen inzetten zodat ze optimaal van de voordelen gebruik maken. De markt is enorm dynamisch qua nieuws, veranderingen in wet- & regelgeving, duidelijkheid over de toepassing ervan en technologische ontwikkelingen en om hier allemaal goed van op de hoogte te blijven bezoek ik samen met mijn collega’s veel kennisbijeenkomsten, evenementen en zorgen we dat we de belangrijke ontwikkelingen verwerken in onze content en delen met onze klanten en partners via onze website, nieuwsbrieven en bijeenkomsten. Mijn blogs en nieuws vind je hier.

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