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Know Your Customer Cloud Portal

The SCOPE KYC Cloud solution is an innovative way of client onboarding for wealth managers. A fully digitized onboarding street to determine the risk profile and best serve your client with an individualized investment strategy. 


The SCOPE KYC Cloud Portal

Effortlessly comply with MiFID and MiFID II, determine an appropriate risk appetite and have all your confidential data securely stored. That's the SCOPE KYC Cloud solution.

Know Your Customer is about ensuring the quality of client advice under MiFID and MiFID II. To achieve this, it is necessary to create as complete a picture of the client situation as possible and to identify a client's objectives.

The Know Your Customer portal runs through the entire client inventory process in a structured manner. The inventory and questions are based on applicable regulations. The following things are inventoried and stored:


Unique risk appetite assessment

What risk is your client willing to take and what risk may a client take with his/her assets. To concretize the risk appetite, or how much risk the client is willing to take, the SCOPE KYC Cloud portal uses scenario analyses (Monte Carlo simulations). It can also be integrated with psychometric risk tolerance tests from, for example, FinaMetrica. 

Compliant with MiFID II and the AVG

The SCOPE KYC Cloud Portal meets MiFID, MiFID II en AVG requirements. The Know Your Customer solution was developed in collaboration with legal experts who have provided ongoing advice on processing laws and regulations.

Dual access

Both the asset manager and the client can make adjustments to the file. You will always be notified about this. The advantage is that a client can do the inventory himself or make changes without a physical appointment.

User-friendly client inventory

You and your clients can use the inventory of the SCOPE KYC Cloud portal in an extremely user-friendly way. This is a continuous wizard in which the components are finished one by one.

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We needed some help from outside, some technical support, somebody that calculates our AML checks and give us the numbers back." "We designed a process and now we need a kind of calculator. This is what I said always internally.

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