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The risks of negative news for Wwft compliance

De risico's van negatief nieuws voor Wwft-compliance

The Netherlands has taken a number of measures in recent years to combat money laundering and terrorist financing. One of those measures is the introduction of the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (Prevention) Act (Wwft). Under the Wwft, financial institutions must conduct client due diligence (also known as CDD due diligence) to gain insight into their clients, and to ensure that they are not engaging in illegal activities. Under the Wwft, these institutions must monitor their clients' activities and take appropriate measures if risks or irregularities arise. An important part of this is monitoring the news for negative reports about a client's activities. 

Why negative news monitoring is important 

Negative news monitoring is an important part of CDD because it helps financial institutions identify potential risks related to a particular customer. By staying abreast of current events and media reports related to their customers, financial institutions can notice irregularities or suspicious activity before it becomes a problem. This helps them protect themselves from liability and in complying with anti-money laundering regulations.

Moreover, tracking negative news can provide valuable insights into a customer's current situation, and help financial institutions make better decisions about who they do business with. For example, if a customer is involved in a controversial situation that could lead to legal action or reputational damage, the institution may choose not to do business with him to protect itself. 

How financial institutions can track negative news 

Financial institutions have several ways to monitor negative news about their customers. The simplest way is to manually search online for relevant articles and keep track of them in an organized manner. However, this approach requires time and resources that many organizations do not have available. 

Fortunately, there are automated solutions that can be used to monitor negative news more effectively. These solutions use sophisticated algorithms to scan hundreds of news sources in real-time and alert users when relevant articles appear online. This means that organizations can stay on top of their customers without having to dedicate special staff or resources. Moreover, automated solutions are more cost-effective than manual searches because they do not require as much manpower or time from the organization's staff. SCOPE CDD solutions automatically include the ability to check for negative news. In addition, there is also the possibility of performing the Bing search using defined search terms where the Internet is searched. 


Negative news monitoring is an important part of customer due diligence under the Wwft regulations in the Netherlands, as it helps financial institutions identify potential risks related to their customers before they become major problems. Financial institutions can manually search online for relevant items or automate the process by using specialized software solutions designed specifically for this purpose; both approaches have their advantages and disadvantages, depending on an organization's specific needs and available resources. Ultimately, however, all organizations should strive to understand the risks associated with negative news so that they can protect themselves from potential liability while complying with anti-money laundering regulations at all times. 

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