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"Help our Customer to deal with their customers"

SCOPE KYC Cloud Portal

The SCOPE KYC Cloud Solution is designed to simplify and streamline content and process relating to know your customer obligations against both regulatory and best practice standards.

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SCOPE CRM Software

The SCOPE CRM solution originated in 1987 and withstood the test of time. We focus mainly on the financial market industries as the way our CRM solution is designed, it’s a perfect fit. Organise your client contact in our CRM solution and help streamline your business workflow.

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Het Team

Koen van Haasteren

Business analyst for our KYC cloud portal. Constantly aiming for a regulatory compliant and user friendly solution.

Bas van der Veer

An enthusiastic, ambitious and very experienced sales professional. Creating happy customers by providing them with great software solutions keeps him motivated.

Luuk Lommerse

IT marketeer for our KYC Cloud portal. Ambitious person that love graphics and loves statistics. For every problem there is a solution.

Bente van 't Hoff

Just doing my thing. Great love for design and marketing. Combining work with study.

Fred van 't Hoff

The chief. Passionate about helping businesses grow with the right tools. CRM pioneer since 1987.

Roeland Louwe Kooijmans

Senior Developer. Building IT solutions for various companies. Ambitious visionary.

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