There is nothing worse than providing incorrect advice because you have limited information. For example, the Kifid Disputes Committee has decided that an insurance intermediary must personally pay out for a claim, because that intermediary had given two consumers poor investment advice. To prevent these types of issues, we recommend you purchase our SCOPE KYC Cloud Portal.

SCOPE KYC Cloud Portal is a solution that enables clients and advisers of asset managers to exchange information in a secure, efficient, and user-friendly process for the benefit of the clientarisation process. We have developed a generic market standard for Know Your Customer that complies with legislation and regulations.

It is important to make the client’s risk attitude concrete. The biggest risk when investing for a client is that the target will not be achieved. That’s why scenarios are sketched using Monte Carlo simulations, which clarifies the relationship between return and risk. This means the client can decide for themselves what risk he/she is willing to take, and the consultant can provide suitable advice.

In addition to objective risk appetite, charting subjective risk appetite is just as important. In the SCOPE KYC Cloud Portal, you can measure your clients’ subjective risk appetite based on proven risk tolerance tests developed by FinaMetrica.

To prevent claims, the SCOPE KYC Cloud Portal ensures you have ample information about your clients. This way, no problematic miscommunications can occur.