In collaboration with the professional services division of BinckBank, SCOPE has recently worked on integrating the SCOPE KYC Cloud Portal with the BinckBank depository bank. The first step has been taken. Users of the SCOPE KYC Cloud Portal can generate the necessary documents from the application for entering into the tripartite agreement between the client, asset manager and BinckBank. This is a major step in the efficiency and prevention of errors during the customer boarding process.

Efficient cooperation

“We were able to develop this quickly, because the basis for the integration, the client data, was largely present within the SCOPE KYC Cloud solution and BinckBank is extremely proactive and helpful in the cooperation process,” says sales manager Bas van der Veer of SCOPE Marketing Technology. This will become available in the next release fFor the asset managers that use BinckBank as a custodian.

The SCOPE KYC Cloud solution

If you want to know more about the SCOPE KYC Cloud solution or the integration with BinckBank, please contact Bas van der Veer on 023-5179200 or