SCOPE marketing technology b.v. has decided to expand the recently released SCOPE KYC Cloud Portal with Customer Boarding functionalities in order to support the entire process that an asset manager or financial institution goes through when hiring a new customer. Taking into account the very successful product development of the Know Your Customer solution, the first co-creation session for the Customer Boarding process will take place in the summer.

Date, time and place

The co-creation session will take place on Thursday 20 July from 14:00 – 17:00 at Wijkermeerstraat 5 in Hoofddorp

Purpose of the session

Mapping the “customer boarding” process, its steps and all requirements of our target group on the financial market, with the aim of supporting this process using our software.

Testing our own process/design with the present market parties to see if things are missing. In other words, we strive to gain complete insight into the product.

Target group of the Customer Boarding co-creation session
The Customer Due Diligence process (hereafter CDD) is largely regulation-based / legal in nature. Most input is expected from people in terms of compliance. The custodian banks in particular have arranged these processes in detail.

Many smaller asset managers rely largely on the deposit banks when it comes to CDD. A good angle is to look at parties that have their own Giro. In that case, the CDD is the complete responsibility of the administrator.

Structure / Agenda of the session

  1. Brief introduction with proposals and goal and intent of the afternoon
  2. Presentation as grounds for a discussion to continue and discuss the process step by step. Substantive preparation of this presentation by Koen and Mark with supervision by Peter Schafer, basic document is already available?
    1. Do we have all needed CDD checks?
    2. What is the structure of the CDD? (collect information, check information, approve (custodian bank / administrator) and complete)
    3. How should the risk classification be organised? Deposit banks use different standards for this. Can we come to a general or configurable option?


  1. SCOPE Marketing Technology reports on the meeting