In addition to a login portal for clients, the SCOPE KYC Cloud solution also offers a portal for investment managers. Within the environment of investment managers, a distinction is made between the manager and the users.

To users: account managers and employees 

When a user logs into the investment management environment of the SCOPE KYC Cloud solution a dashboard is displayed with a graphical overview of important available information such as:

1. The number of clients and the number of accounts.
2. The number of KYC stock-takings in progress.
3. The number of new and unread messages.

Client overview

Via the menu a general client overview can be requested, or an overview of the clients of a specific employee/adviser. From this client overview specific client dossiers can be opened; the client profile can be downloaded as a PDF and client data can be edited and maintained. If the number of clients is very high, a simple search can assist in quickly finding a specific client.


A client’s KYC dossier

The overview of the KYC dossier of a client is nearly identical to that of the account/investment manager and the logged in client.

The screen layout is nearly identical, and the account manager can view all components of the KYC dossier in the same way the client can.

However, the account manager/ employee has access to additional features such as viewing previous situations within the client dossier by going back in time.


Viewing dossier history

Sometimes it can be important to look back in time for, or with a certain client. For example, revisiting the situation as it was during a consultancy a year ago. To allow this, the SCOPE KYC Cloud solution has a unique functionality.

It is possible to “rewind” a client dossier back in time by pressing the “Verleden/history” button. A date can be provided, and the KYC dossier will automatically revert to (a view of) the dossier as it was recorded at that moment in time.


On the screen a clear yellow warning sign informs that the shown dossier is an old version of the KYC dossier.

This feature is only possible due to the unique way the SCOPE KYC Cloud solution records information and changes to it. This advanced technical background allows the SCOPE KYC Solution to differentiate itself from other KYC solution software.