Monday 19th of  November at the Zoo of Amsterdam Natura Artis Magistra

The overall theme of the knowledge session will be the changing role of Information Technology (IT)  for wealth management. The new IT landscape: seamless integration of micro services, MiFID II and the GDPR as a software feature,  an all round wealth management solution in the cloud, focus on clients, the future of customer relationship management is a KYC customer- and a productivity portal.

Working with the best in the industry

For our event; The (IT) Future of Wealth Management we are working together with some of the leading companies from around the globe. There will be presentations by Jempi Moens, Paul Resnik (FinaMetrica), Morningstar,, Hilhorst LLC, Cryptologix B.V., AMCET, Lancyr, Ortec and many more.

This event is for wealth and asset managers and financial planners and advisors.

The program


Welcome and introduction


Predicting the society and the customer of the future; a keynote by Jempi Moens. Customers and people are changing constantly. Meet the real drivers and enablers which cause the current technological acceleration of change.

Technology driven efficiency; predicting the future of IT. A prediction of the future of the internet and the future development of websites. Multiple vendors in one application without integration problems. One user interface and the customer in charge.


Lunch break 


The conversion to a technology driven sales process; a keynote by Ron Schulte from LancyrRecent Forbes research indicates that 47% of top earners use Facebook on a daily basis; the target audience is becoming more digital and younger. A keynote about the experience from a company that made the transition from analog to digital. 


The data. A combined presentation given by Ockto and No more data entry; customer data is owned by the customer. New tools to collect data from multiple government sources. A MiFID II compliant KYC profile with almost no data entry. (Ockto)

The search of the UBO.  Integrating multiple data sources to acquire a solid company profile. (


The customers. A combined presentation given by SCOPE FinTech Solutions and CryptoLogix B.V. Know Your Customer as a customer bonding process. From data entry to proper advice, use the KYC process  as a customer bonding experience instead of an obligation. (SCOPE FinTech Solutions)

Client onboarding: the correct checks and balances as a software feature. KYC as a base for client onboarding. New technologies will make client onboarding an AI driven workflow, which will replace personal contact. (CryptoLogix B.V.)


Calculated risk; the power of AI based scenario analysis. About the new AI-based systems that use expert knowledge and AI planning to reason about observations derived from relevant news and social media. Based on this information they generate explanations and hypothesis about the current state of the world and many alternative future states. 


Quick break 


Managing and rebalancing the portfolio, a combined presentation by HilHorst LLC and Morningstar. Sharing information with clients, better data visualization, integration with other suppliers and collaboration tooling for better portfolio management. (MIJN Effecten)

The importance of data. Another mix gives a better result. Access to a global knowledge. From data collection to data interpretation. Wealth management becomes wealth management again. (Morningstar)


To be trusted, one must behave in a trustworthy manner; a keynote by Paul Resnik, founder of FinaMetrica.


Networking and socializing


Plantage Kerklaan 38-40, 1018 CZ Amsterdam