Most asset managers use one or more systems that contain client data. These are often portfolio management systems, or sometimes a CRM system or a back office system. If you want to make use of supporting tools for the Know Your Customer process, how can you avoid separation of client data, and ensure that the client data are accurate and up to date in all systems?

The answer to this is quite simple: make sure that you are using the SCOPE KYC Cloud Portal. This blog will take a closer look at how the SCOPE KYC Cloud integrates with other systems and what benefits this offers to the overall quality of the client data at your organisation.

Start with an initial import of client data You may start using the SCOPE KYC Cloud Portal based on an initial import of client data. Whether the asset managers want to do this, depends on a number of factors, including:

  • Is there a system in use that allows for an export of client data?
  • Are the data good enough to justify the effort?

If CRM/portfolio systems are used, an initial import is usually necessary to get a good mapping between the client file in the SCOPE KYC Cloud Portal and the existing systems.

SCOPE KYC Cloud Portal leading for client dataThe SCOPE KYC Cloud Portal is equipped with all kinds of tools to get and keep the quality of the client data as good as possible. These tools include:

  • Input checks (names, correct use of capital letters, etc.)
  • Automatic address checks, input and layout spelling address
  • Link with Vicard companies & contacts database for easy input and checks
  • Self Service – client login. The client can maintain his data himself, which improves the accuracy
  • Reading PDF documents: for example, a CoC extract of a company. All data are automatically read by the SCOPE KYC Cloud Portal and placed in the correct fields. Reading and importing .pdf documents is possible at various locations in the solution.

This means that the SCOPE KYC Cloud Portal has the highest quality and most accurate client data and that this is the place where these data are maintained by the asset manager and the client. This means that it makes sense to make the SCOPE KYC Cloud Portal leading for the client data that are registered in it.

Proper integration is key Making the SCOPE KYC Cloud Portal leading is only possible if the client data are also updated in other systems. To make this possible, the SCOPE KYC Cloud Portal has a standard export of client data that can be processed in other systems. The asset manager decides when and how often synchronisation takes place. The manner in which the processing takes place differs by system and must be arranged by the supplier of this other system.

It is in the interest of the SCOPE KYC Cloud Portal that this integration works well, which is why SCOPE has actively sought to collaborate with suppliers of portfolio and CRM solutions to enable this integration and offer an integrated overall solution to asset managers.

The SCOPE KYC APIFrom a technical point of view, the integration with SCOPE KYC takes place using a so-called API. This API for SCOPE KYC is fully documented and its operation can be studied at the following link

Of course, it is important that integration takes place in a safe manner and in compliance with the GDPR. SCOPE Marketing Technology B.V. devotes a lot of time and attention to this compliance aspect, always with the interests of your customers in mind.

ContinuedTo summarise, the SCOPE KYC Cloud Portal has more to offer than only a solid solution for the KYC process and file. The solution ensures an overall improvement in the quality of the client data in all your systems and contributes to the professionalism of your reputation and the trust of clients in your organisation.

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