SCOPE CRM offers solutions

Clear plans

We have created three clear packages for you. Starting at  €75,- per user per month you can start the professional management of your client relations. See our prices and packages.

100% made in Holland

SCOPE CRM is 100% made in Holland and has flawless integration with the Dutch way of business.  Made for, and by, the Dutch market.

Made possible by...

The developers
The developers of SCOPE built SCOPE CRM from scratch, most of them have been working with us for 15 years or longer, and we are proud to have them.
The creative minds
SCOPE CRM's look and feel is largely the product of our creative minds,who have spent tremendous effort on the User Interface, among other parts.
Customer support
Our support team will always be ready to assist you in resolving issues during office hours. Both the helpdesk and the customer implementation are English-speaking and free.
The sales team
The good and long-term bonds we have built with our customers are largely due to the effort of our sales team. We are proud to have retained some customers for over 20 years due to our product and good relations.

Customer testimonials

Steven Sarphatie
Wijs & van Oostveen
"When we were looking for a CRM system, we wanted to find a company we could build a long-term relation with. By now we have been married to SCOPE for over 10 years."
Erik Bakker
Natura ARTIS Magistra
"My compliments to the approach and execution of the IT-project by SCOPE. In good harmony we have worked with a set of professional, kind and skilled people with obvious experience in the field."
Carlo Cozzi
TU Delft
"From the moment the choice for SCOPE was made, the project has truly become a project with a good workflow. SCOPE is a good and professional party which interacts well with our IT department. SCOPE marketing technology b.v. is a party with big people, to do big people business with. The implementation was good and defined."
Advanced software
With over 30 years of experience, our CRM-software is more sophisticated and refined than others in the field.
Also in the Cloud
Cloud-based or do you prefer on-premise? We can do both!
Flexible planning
We adapt, to you. Your CRM system can be implemented and installed within 8 weeks.
Make use of our online training videos, or visit one of our courses for more extensive training.
With the purchase of SCOPE CRM the safety of your sensitive data is guaranteed.
Customer Care
Our support team is available every workday 9 am to 5:30 pm.

Make the right choice

Chose the most professional and complete CRM system available, made for the Dutch market, by the Dutch market. Request a live demonstration at your office or view our prices and packages.