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Customer Relationship Management (CRM). It is a ‘container ‘term. Everyone knows what a container looks like, but only a few actually know the content. ‘CRM’ is a common term, but the definition is different for various parties. What does CRM really mean?

  • CRM is a customer oriented culture within a business
  • CRM is a strategy to increase sales
  • CRM is a method to increase sales
  • CRM ensures optimal and safe administration of your clients data
  • CRM improves the customer connection

As you can see, CRM is a broad term.

CRM systems are the bridge from company culture, strategy and methods to practice. SCOPE offers CRM software packages that allow any organisation to create a fitting solution for their corporate situation.

The best implementation of CRM is a one-man business, which knows and approaches all of his customers personally. Problems occur when employees are introduced to this situation. CRM systems provide employees with all the information they require to approach a client personally.

SCOPE CRM software is designed to enable companies who deal with other companies (B2B) and companies who deal with individuals (B2C) to store and view all relevant information about a business relation.

The choice is yours, with SCOPE you can either work On-Premise or in the Cloud.

The online help of SCOPE is available within the SCOPE CRM platform through the Help menu option, or by pressing  shortcut F1. The help menu will be opened on a page that is directly related to the active view within the SCOPE application.

Helpdesk for SCOPE administrators

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Available on weekdays from 09:00 till 17:30

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