Your client dossier as a movie

SCOPE KYC Cloud solution

Your client dossier through time, every moment at your fingertips 

Due to the way data is stored, the investment manager/adviser can go back to view any specific moment in the past, through a very intuitive interface.

Much like a video player such as for example Youtube, the investment manager/adviser can change a slider ‘rewind’ to earlier versions of the client file, and examine these to every detail. This allows the user to examine the circumstances under which a specific advice was given, and can be a useful tool in case of conflict between an investment manager and the client.

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Information is always on the move

The basic principles of the SCOPE KYC Cloud solution are:

1Not all information is available at a moment in time;
2Information changes periodically;
3Know Your Customer information needs to be actual;

Because the timeliness of data is being tracked both clients and managers will be informed of outdated information through notifications and alerts. Where possible, new data will automatically be read and entered by the SCOPE KYC Cloud solution. Orderly dashboards and notifications help to keep track of the progress through the intake process. Due to the unique way data is stored, it is possible to rewind a clients file to examine any moment in the past, at any time.

Curious about the possibilities?