Multiple users

Who uses the SCOPE KYC Cloud solution?

Client and investment manager

The SCOPE KYC Cloud solution needs to be a safe and user-friendly environment for a client to share information with his or her investment managers, with the goal of consultation or outsourcing asset management.

User friendly
The SCOPE KYC Cloud solution is designed to be easy to use for your clients.
Rock solid security
Your client’s data will be stored in a protected partition in the SCOPE KYC Cloud Database. The SCOPE KYC Cloud solution is hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

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Everything is shared

Because both the client and the investment managers use the same set of information, there is little room for error. Every alteration to the data is directly relayed to the other users, no matter who performed the alterations. To keep the data exchange even more secure, double verification via text message is required when logging in.

Databasing and administration

The SCOPE Know Your Customer Cloud solution includes the following features:

Monte Carlo simulations
Assessing risk tolerance on account level using Monte-Carlo simulation based scenario analysis.
MiFID II-suitability report
A MiFID II-suitability review is being investigated and will be developed if possible.
Maximum risk determination
Determining the maximum risk profile using the configurable ‘Decision engine’.
Inventory report
After assessing the risk tolerance a formal KYC-inventory report is generated which records all relevant data and choices
Financial position determination
Determining the financial position, this includes:
Possessions, debts, income and expenditure.
Perspective on the future
The wishes, targets and the horizon of the account(s).
Knowledge and experience
Asses the investing knowledge and experience of your clients.
Situation overview
Gain insight into the personal situation of your clients. Overview all relevant details for your corporate clients.