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Personalisation possibilities for the investment manager

Every investment manager has the possibility to adjust the function and ‘look & feel’ of the SCOPE KYC Cloud solution. These options include:

1Add a custom logo to the screens.
3Couple clients to their advisers.
5Add new settings/business rules into the SCOPE KYC decision engine, or alter existing ones.
2Grant clients access to the SCOPE KYC Cloud solution.
4Allows clients to use the SCOPE KYC Cloud solution to enter or edit their own data, as a self-service product or central registration of the KYC-information by employees of the investment manager.

Furthermore the investment manager has the option to add custom settings to the program. These options include:

1Usage and composition of the risk reduction plan for both the investment and yield periods.
3Add inflation, market volatility and management costs. Either in percentages or set prices.
2Used profile, name and horizon.
4Expected yield per year.