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01. Cloud or On-Premise?

With SCOPE you can either work in the Cloud or On Premise. SCOPE CRM will always be installed for you, after installation the implementation process can begin immediately.

Only the best
]SCOPE received the highest award from Microsoft: Microsoft Certified Gold Application Development.
SCOPE CRM is suitable for every organisation that handles confidential and sensitive information.

02. Implementation

SCOPE has already been set up based upon a sector template and is usable from the start. Pick a template which fits your company and get started with SCOPE CRM.

03. Training and usage

SCOPE CRM is is easy to use. Maintain your planner, add new customer relations, create visitation records easily and start knowing your customer.

Training videos
A clear tutorial at any time.
Training on location or at the SCOPE headquarters
Online support
Direct support regarding the page you are viewing.
Customer Service
The SCOPE customer service is ready to assist.

04. Let your company grow

Grow your company and revenue with SCOPE CRM. Maintain contact with your clients, and keep them, Know  your customers, and increase the number of orders.