Add your members directly to your CRM system

As an organisation in charity or leisure you face various obstacles regarding membership administration, acquiring funds and marketing actions. Of course it is preferable to spend the least amount of time possible to add this to your CRM system, and to use this system to implement your marketing actions for you as well. In our SCOPE CRM system we have created a suitable solution for membership administration and funding.

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What is our solution?

Membership administration

SCOPE CRM offers handy solutions for the efficient organisation of your administration. SCOPE allows the easy creation of new memberships and their administration, meaning extensions, pricing and managing payments. In addition SCOPE CRM can be linked to various register and ticket systems for a complete solution.


In addition to consumers you might also deal with sponsors and donors. To ensure their continued support it is important to be aware of their motivations. Is it social relevance? Brand recognition and merchandising? Or do they invest in the relation for networking purposes? All these questions are important if you want to gain and maintain the right sponsors and donors. Which is why SCOPE offers handy utilities for fundraising.

Personalised marketing

Of course you’d like to use personalised marketing to turn visitors into fans, but you need data to do this. Data which is used to create personalised marketing actions. In SCOPE all information of your visitors is recorded once, this includes: NAW-information, contact details, age, sex, and also information such as hobbies, contact history and leisure activities. Everything to create full insight into your target audience.

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