Always approach your clients the right way

Imagine gaining a new customer, which would surely be fantastic news. But then the client profile needs to be registered, which is almost guaranteed to be a load of work and you might encounter some obstacles along the way. For example, your client is of nobility, something which is not out of the ordinary in the world of investment management. How will you manage a surname of 51 characters in your CRM system? Your client might be married to someone of the same sex, or works in multiple functions at multiple companies. All of these are examples that can occur in the real world, yet are not supported by American CRM systems. Moreover, there is no nobility in the United States. Even then, as an investment manager you want to address your clients correctly.

Luckily, we  offer a solution.

Already 10 years happily married to SCOPE” – Steven Sarpathie, Managing Director AWijs & van Oostveen

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What is our solution?

Know Your Customer According to MiFID II

SCOPE is working with multiple experts on the field of KYC to develop a universal valid KYC form which is compatible with the requirements set by MiFID II. (Available from the Enterprise edition). Would you like to be informed of the latest news regarding KYC? Subscribe to our newsletter!

Workflow Management

SCOPE CRM offers support with designing, implementing and administrating company processes. Processes are designed using process steps, control- , and authorisation moments. This ensures that the right activities are performed by the right people, on the right time.

Custom management information

Data from SCOPE CRM can quickly be exported and presented on behalf of management analysis and management reports. Thus it is simple to evaluate your company’s efforts and gain insight into potential areas for improvement, which can lead to increased revenue.

Client Management

SCOPE CRM is built for the cornerstone of your service: the client is the core. With SCOPE CRM you build a valuable source of client information (according to the ‘Know Your Customer’ principle) , which is a great tool when recommending investments or to protect clients during the purchase of financial products.

Curious what we can do for your company?