Automatically recruit potential students

A new academic year is about to start, a period which always puts academic institutions under heavy load. A lot of time and effort is invested in recruiting new students and this creates a lot of administrative work. A dedicated CRM system can offer relief during these periods by making these processes significantly easier. An example is the intake portal of SCOPE CRM, potential students will automatically be enlisted and registered in your CRM system. Through  the portal they can also view brochures and supporting information. In short the application of a dedicated system will free up more time for other important issues.

Manage all your alumni and prevent diminished relations.

What is our solution?

Recruitment and intake

The SCOPE student portal was developed to assist with the recruitment and intake of new students. The portal is designed to simplify the process of recruitment for both the academic institution and the students. Potential students will be enlisted automatically and directly registered in the CRM database. Through the portal they can view brochures, indicate their study field interests and enrol for informational activities.

Alumni management

With the SCOPE Alumni portal you can gain insight into the careers of the alumni, and use this to measure the quality of the educational programs. It also acts as a web portal for the alumni to stay in touch with classmates, keep themselves occupied as ambassadors to alumni associations, and keep track of current careers and awarded diplomas. As institution you can direct the experiences of your alumni, so that they stay involved with the institution. Furthermore, diminished contacts can be restored and old alumni can be found again.

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