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For the financial sector SCOPE CRM offers field specific CRM solutions for ,amongst others, banks and insurers. With an extensive selection of standard packages and the option of additional field specific products SCOPE CRM is capable of working as a custom solution for your organisation.

At the moment we are working on an interesting customer case with Syntrus Achmea Real Estate and Finance, which will be available soon.

What is our solution?


For insurers SCOPE CRM offers supplemental CRM functions for the sales and management of collectivities. These functions are especially developed for the collective sale and the sales of employer products, such as revenue and omission. It differentiates between fields, primary and secondary entities and their relations to middle men. This allows for a very user friendly way to view the entire relationship profile and collective insurers to view accepted contracts on various levels. Agreements from contracts can be inherited to lower level and also be adjusted accordingly.

Relation Management

Recording your client and prospect data helps to build a database of specific knowledge on your clients and prospects. This is why SCOPE CRM offers banks and insurers a dedicated CRM solution which presents relationship profiles and portfolios in a clear and organised display. This aids you in determining cross- and upsell opportunities, improving your customer relationships and increasing the relative share in a customer’s potential.

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