Live demonstration at your office

SCOPE CRM scherm


Live demonstration in your office

SCOPE CRM scherm
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You can request a appointment for a live demonstration. Call 023-5179200 or email for an appointment.


You have access to remote support. If you encounter problems we will always have English speaking support staff available..


Years of experience. That is what you sign up for at SCOPE Marketing Technology, the best CRM supplier in the Netherlands for a reason..


Mistakes. That is our fundamental principle. With the built in data quality you have access to the best tools for maintaining your client relations.


Made in Holland. Specifically built for the Dutch market with the best support for the optimum result.

Clear and flexible plans

Custom CRM or the basic CRM package, we present transparent plans with plenty of room for change

SCOPE CRM basic is designed to allow both companies who deal with individuals and those who deal with other businesses to view and enter all relevant data regarding a relation.

With our knowledge of the market and client interaction we have developed field-specific functionalities based on the CRM-needs of the sectors.

In addition to field specific solutions we also offer custom CRM solutions. Our Customer Development team is specialised in the development of custom software.

Enlarge your network

Enlarge your network, maintain and improve your customer relations and know your customers. Make use of all the benefits SCOPE CRM has to offer. With SCOPE CRM, the world is your playground.